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?who is Allah in islam

? who is Allah

Allah is the creator of all things, whatever a person sees in this world whether it is the galaxies, the stars, the planets, the earth and its mountains, oceans, rivers, vegetations, small or large beings, and the human who live on it are all among his creations, Allah is all wise and he created everything for a reason.

Allah is one, he has no equals, no partners, and nothing is comparable or similar to him, he doesn’t resemble his creations, he is the one who gives life and death and our lives are in his hands.

Allah is eternal without beginning and without end and all creations have a beginning and an end, he is not preceded by anyone nor is he succeeded by anyone, Allah has always been and will always be.

? What are the proofs that Allah is the creator

The modern science has proved with many observations, experiments and calculations that the universe had a beginning.

There are three possibilities of the origin of all things that exist in this universe:

The first possibility: everything was created from nothing, if you contemplate this possibility you will find that it is completely impossible, how could a universe come from nothing?  Is it logical that this enormous universe with its perfect order come from nothing? Everyone knows from the experience of life and the laws of the universe that something cannot come from nothing.

The second possibility: the universe created itself, this possibility is impossible and illogical because something creating itself requires its own pre existence and as we know thing can’t exist and not exist at the same time, this possibility is inconceivable to the human mind.

Allah says in the Quran “where they created by nothing” meaning without a creator “or did they create themselves” verily both these matters are fals.

The third possibility is that the universe has an external cause that is the logical explanation for the origin of everything.

If we just contemplate the creatures and what is happening in the universe: wind, rain, night, day, and what is happening in the human body and its perfect order, the mind will surely admit that all things are not created by chance but by the creator, as we know when we find things working according to systems and laws we know that something intelligent has made those systems and laws and we can see that everything in this world is so uniform and work according to accurate laws this is a great proof that there is a external power created it.

For example the earth is situated about 150000000 kilometres from the sun. If the earth were moved a few million kilometres closer to the sun, the surface of the earth would become warmer and that would destroy the life on earth, if the earth were a few million kilometres farther from the sun the most surface of our planet would be covered by ice and we would freeze to death, The sun, in turn is a solar powerhouse, being the perfect size and emitting the right amount of energy all at the right time.

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